CarlsonCast Nov1--8am hour

Election vote KOMO sign scene setter ge.jpg
KVI's John Carlson talks about several key issues and one Redmond WA city council rate on next week's general election ballot. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- why your vote in next week's general election can carry extra significance due to projected voter turnout, why this is a "send a message to the powers in Olympia" election regarding next Tuesday's deadline to submit your mail in ballot, we have a Marinanne Williamson sighting, a baseball writer tries to troll Pres. Trump over the Washington Nationals World Series win, Republican Congresswoman Lynn Cheney speaks out on impeachment shenanigans by Democrats, GUEST: KOMO Sports anchor and UW pre-game host Bill Swartz explains why the Huskies have their hands full with defensive minded Utah Utes on the gridiron, GUEST: Redmond City Councilman Hank Myers, running for re-election against a political newcomer with Seattle progressive liberal leanings.

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