CarlsonCast Nov12--7am hour

Lee Oskar set up PIXLR.jpg
Music legend and harmonica player, Lee Oskar, best known from the band War, joins KVI's John Carlson in-studio for an interview and performance. Carlson even gets a lesson on how to play the harmonica. (photo: KVI Staff)

7am hour -- GUEST: harmonica player and former band member of War, Lee Oskar, plays live in-studio and shares stories of his current and past musical career, how Oskar is still playing with original members of the band but under a new name "The Lowrider Band", Oskar played at a concert with Jimi Hendrix the night before he died, Eric Buden's formulation of the band, Carlson tries his hand at playing harmonica,

GUEST: Seattle author Tim Egan talks about religious belief and faith from a secular perspective, also about how the push for 'woke' politics is hurting Democrats.

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