CarlsonCast Nov12--8am hour

Sound Transit -- SoDo look both ways PIXLR.jpg
Sound Transit is literally and figuratively at a cross-roads after the voter approval of the $30 car tabs, Initiative 976. KVI listeners sound off about funding for and the future of the Seattle light rail transit agency. (photo: KVI Staff)

8am hour -- world renowned harmonica player (from the band War) Lee Oskar plays in-studio for KVI listeners, Seahawks last second comeback OT victory is a thriller for the ages, notice how major news media/cable channels maximized coverage of Trump being boo'ed at World Series game but the massive applause at last weekend's college football game was ignored!, one Seattle suburb has voted in a new city council candidate who appears to be a Kshama Sawant acolyte from Seattle, one finalized election result in Redmond WA shows how the suburbs are starting to swing to the hard left like Seattle politics, KVI callers sound off on the $30 car tabs lawsuit and why Sound Transit should be downsized to only include King County.

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