CarlsonCast Nov13--6am hour

Tacoma gun tax PIXLR.jpg
The Tacoma City Council joins Seattle in approving a gun and ammunition tax to be collected in an effort to create government programs to deter gun violence. KVI's John Carlson assess the tax hike and whether or not it will achieve the results that supporters claim it will. ( photo: Fox News screen grab)

6am hour -- join KVI's John Carlson and two KOMO News colleagues for the first ever KVI Thanksgiving Brunch this Saturday in Bothell buy your tickets by clicking here, Tacoma passes a gun & ammo tax but the city fails to identify what % of gun violence in the city stems from legally vs. illegally obtained guns, the strange circumstances of the NFL holding a new Colin Kaepernick work-out for team officials to see this Saturday, R-88 officially rejected by voters, the 'no' vote on R-88 sets a unique precedent for statewide measures when it passes over-whelmingly in King County, the NY Times just admitted there's a 'deep state' trying to impede and undermine Pres. Trump.

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