CarlsonCast Nov13--8am hour

R 88 fails final PIXLR.jpg
Washington voters reject bringing back Affirmative Action policies by 15,000 votes thus bringing an end to the I-1000/R-88 debate ignited by the Washington Legislature earlier this year. (photo: KOMO News screen grab)

8:05am -- state history made in the final R-88 vote tabulated last night (which rejects bringing back Affirmative Action policies), GUEST: former Seattle City Councilman, Tim Burgess, talks about what we can expect from Seattle's new city council in 2020?, will it be full-on war against Amazon?, why King County and Snohomish County are going in opposite directions on prosecuting drug crimes, Republican Congressman dismantles CNN pundit regarding House impeachment hearing opening statements,

a deeper look at the new voice of law and order in San Francisco (because it eerily parallels Seattle's lack of law and order), GUEST: KOMO's Carleen Johnson invites KVI listeners to our first ever KVI Thanksgiving Brunch this Saturday to raise money for cancer research please buy your tickets here , what is the connection between global climate warming change and abortion laws.

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