CarlsonCast Nov15--8am hour

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The Washington state Supreme Court (SCOW){ } ruled unanimously in favor of a Seattle law that requires landlords to publicize their criteria for prospective renters and accept the first qualified applicant. KVI's John Carlson interviews an attorney for the plaintiffs about how this ruling restricts private property rights. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- part-way through day 2 of Trump Impeachment hearing and still no blockbusters against Trump, so far its only a game of "gotcha", good news for some American farmers as China blinks in the trade war and lifts a 5-year ban on a food staple, House impeachment hearing stops to comment on real-time Trump tweet,

GUEST: Pacific Legal Foundation attorney, Jim Manley, says the WA Supreme Court just illegalized compassion in Seattle with their latest ruling, the SCOW ruling reverses lower court ruling and now legalizes Seattle City Council's "first in line" requirement for rental housing, could state lawmakers amend this rental housing ruling and provide discretion for landlords?

GUEST: economist Steve Moore talks about the China decision to end a 5-year ban on American poultry, KVI's preferred movie critic says this weekend's "Ford Vs. Ferrari" flick is full throttle excitement on the screen.

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