CarlsonCast Nov19--7am hour

Seattle traffic congestion I-5 at Greenlake Ravenna stretch KOMOoad.jpg
David Boze interviews a traffic and congestion researcher about Puget Sound traffic problems.{ } (KOMO Photo)

7am hour -- GUEST: author and transit analyst Wendell Cox just concluded an extensive study on what it takes to improve Puget Sound traffic/gridlock, why mass transit doesn't reduce driving, why WA's urban growth boundary (circa 1990) is to blame for the spreading traffic gridlock, a long time progressive talk show host wants to run for Congress after sex-scandal costs previous office holder her job, Secret Santa gift exchanges are really stressful for Millenials and Generation Z, vegetarian sues Burger King for how his Impossible Whopper was cooked, the on-going mold problems plaguing Seattle's Children's Hospital.

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