CarlsonCast Nov19--8am hour

Sanctuary sign Burien city coun 2017.jpg
A Sanctuary policy supporter hoists a sign at a 2017 Burien City Council meeting. David Boze discusses a brand new controversy involving Sanctuary policy in King County after murder in Seattle's South Park neighborhood. (photo: KOMO News){ } { }

8am hour -- Joe Biden's recent Seattle fundraising trip, one 2020 Democratic presidential candidate has 0.0% support from black voters in South Carolina, Gov. Jay Inslee joins OR governor to push for I-5 bridge crossing from Vancouver WA to Oregon, are young voters being seduced by flashy promises of socialist politicians because they don't know enough world history?,

local and state elected officials are silent as KOMO News asks for comment about Sanctuary policy on illegal aliens (and specifically criminal illegal aliens avoiding ICE deportation), the political/social media world is obsessed with an alleged fart during an MSNBC interview but there are some more likely explanations than flatulence, Rev. Al Sharpton's foundation cuts him a massive retroactive check for half-a-million-dollars.

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