CarlsonCast Nov20--6am hour

U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland gives his opening statement before the House Intelligence Committee taking testimony on the impeachment of Pres. Donald Trump in Washington D.C. on Wednesday Nov. 20, 2019. KVI's John Carlson talks about the time he met Gordon Sondland in the 1980s and how Sondland has donated to both Democratic and Republican politicians over the years. (photo: AP)

6am hour -- how the House Democrats reliance on a focus group turned into a banana peel at the latest impeachment hearing, the focus group discovered that quid pro quo wasn't connecting with voters so they switched to a bribery claim against Trump, Mercer Island WA native Gordon Sondland is today's House impeachment hearing star witness, how Sondland's family escaped Nazi holocaust and ended up in Seattle, how Sondland donated to both Democratic and Republican candidates ostensibly to get consideration for diplomatic post(s), live coverage as Sondland testifies about Ukraine connection with Trump and Giuliani.

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