CarlsonCast Nov21--8am hour

Behind the scenes with KOMO News weather anchor Steve Pool, holding a special gift--a purple and gold UW inspired running shoe. Pool has decided to retire after a an inspirational cancer fight, which is now in remission. KVI's John Carlson shares some stories about working with and knowing Steve Pool.{ } (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- KVI callers shares a disturbing story about being horribly injured in a Seattle car crash caused by a drug addict who fled to New Orleans before finally being arrested, the car crash story embodies so many of the frustrating stories connected to "Seattle Is Dying" news special on drugs/crime/homelessness, Britain's (liberal) Labour Party wants to de-list companies from the London Stock Exchange that don't have a climate change action plan, Bill Gates money is backing what could be a major break-through for boosting solar power, KOMO's Steve Pool announces retirement as Seattle's most memorable weather anchor, Elizabeth Warren fabricates student-debt repayment stats with a devious racial distortion during last night's debate, Seattle prolific repeat criminal granted drug rehab instead of jail time has gone AWOL from Tacoma drug rehab site, a new report says 90 of Seattle's top 100 repeat criminals have re-offended this year.

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