CarlsonCast Nov22--8am hour


A violent repeat offender with a history of attacking strangers in Seattle is back in jail — hours after he went AWOL from a court ordered drug rehab facility in Tacoma.{ } KVI's John Carlson examines the latest legal drama in the case of repeat offender, Francisco Calderon. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- US military killed this week in helicopter crash in Afghanistan are returned to Dover AFB, an AWOL Seattle repeat criminal given drug rehab instead of jail is finally arrested after failing to stay at Tacoma rehab facility, meanwhile as Seattle gives repeat criminals drug rehab instead of a jail an Eastern WA is in 2nd year of Medically Assisted Treatment for opiod-addicted inmates, Medicare For All plan by Elizabeth Warren starting to crumble, $30 car tabs sponsor Tim Eyman tells KVI why he wants to run for WA governor, why Eyman thinks debating Inslee will persuade voters in 2020 election

GUEST: KOMO's Bill Swartz previews the UW football game at Colorado tomorrow, CNN anchors fail in their response to a challenge byTrump.

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