CarlsonCast Nov25--7am hour

Joshua Freed, standing at podium, is running for Washington governor in 2020 after spearheading the I-27 campaign requiring a public vote on heroin injection sites in King County. KVI's John Carlson interview Freed about his campaign for governor and the three issues Freed thinks are most vital for the 2020 election. (file photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- bad news for China in Hong Kong elections and new revelations about Chinese concentration camps persecuting Muslim Ugyhurs, police quickly identify stolen truck suspect in Black Diamond WA as a repeat offender who just got out of jail and is likely homeless, snow is arriving in Western WA just in time for Thanksgiving travel this week,

GUEST: candidate for governor, Joshua Freed (led the I-27 campaign against heroin injection sites in King Co., former Bothell City Councilman), why voter suppression in WA prompted him to run for governor, the danger of 'title only bills' that become a blank-slate for state Legislators in the Olympia House/Senate, three key issues Freed champions in his campaign.

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