CarlsonCast Nov27--8am hour

KVI's John Carlson, not pictured here, shares a list of national retail chains ranked on how much enthusiasm or aversion they have to the seasonal cheer "Merry Christmas" in their advertisements or in-store promotion. Find out where Nordstrom's Amazon and Starbucks fall on the national list. (Photo: KOMO News)

8am -- a list of the biggest retail stores that embrace Christmas or avoid Christmas verbage with the generic 'happy holidays', the utter joy of using the Sears Wishbook as a kid to craft your Christmas/Santa gift list,

GUEST: the play-by-play Voice of the Huskies, Tony Castricone, previews the Apple Cup rivalry football game Friday, why the game will determine which team gets a better bowl game.

More tributes to retiring KOMO weather anchor Steve Pool and highlights from his 40 year KOMO career, GUEST: KOMO's Steve Pool talks about his health as he recovers from cancer, why he still doesn't have a specific list of things to do in retirement and some mutual friends that Steve and John share in Bellevue.

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