CarlsonCast Nov4--7am hour

The silhouettes of two Revolutionary War soldiers adorn a decorative fence that was recently installed to protect the Liberty Bell replica from vandalism in Veterans Memorial Park in Port Angeles. (Keith Thorpe/Peninsula Daily News)

7am hour -- buh bye to presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke's campaign, O'Rourke fizzled fast after being a media darling hyped by Vanity Fair, the astonishing objection that Port Angeles's mayor has with the imagery at the city's Veteran's Memorial Park, Republican Congressman doesn't see the required impeachment conviction votes right now in US Senate,

TX woman shoots her 3 children in sickening murder-suicide was an ardent gun control activist, the woman suffered from depression and other medical illnesses, a legal update on the TX child caught in parents custody battle that mom wants to be a trans-gender girl instead of a biological boy, dispute over Trump getting boo'd or cheered at this weekend's UFC main event in Madison Square Garden.

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