CarlsonCast Nov4--8am hour

Saturday Night Live cast member, Kate McKinnon, portrays Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) campaigning for U.S. president and discussing "Medicare For All" during a parody of an Iowa campaign event. (photo: YouTube screen grab)

8am hour -- are these birds eco-terrorists for starting fires to flush out their prey?, SNL skewers Elizabeth Warren of the costs of her "Medicare For All" plan, NBC legendary anchor compares 2019 news media behavior over impeachment to the Nixon-era Watergate news media behavior, fatal townhouse fire in Lynnwood WA kills two children and spurs one baffling question, join KVI's Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson this Saturday in Auburn WA at the largest Veteran's Day Parade on the West Coast, Pt. Angeles WA mayor wants imagery of soldiers holding rifles removed from Veteran's Memorial Park because, ya know, of gun violence issues.

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