CarlsonCast Nov5--6am hour

SeaTac Bob's Burgers hoax PIXLR.jpg
King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht said Monday that the dramatic robbery at Bob's Burgers in SeaTac last month was an orchestrated hoax. It was crafted to as a means to obtain immigration visas for victims of violent or sexual crimes to stay in the country. "Today I can confirm to you it was all a lie," Johanknecht said at a press conference. "Every employee present that evening, every customer, participated in a deliberate hoax." (photo: KOMO News screen grab)

6am hour -- It's election day, Trump gets big applause at KY rally for Republican governor, a violent daylight robbery at a SeaTac restaurant turns out to be a hoax in an effort to secure immigration visas for violent crime victims, so far none of the admitted hoaxers have been arrested, Pres. Trump responds to new report about 9 Americans massacred by alleged drug cartel(s) in northern Mexico,

ABC News apparently spiked a story about pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to curry favor with the English royal family, pivotal elections today in Spokane and Seattle, the difference between liberal and left-wing voters in both cities, will the deceptive and negative ads about $30 car tabs over-come the recent 11% polling advantage enjoyed by I-976?

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