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A person protests the Port Angeles mayor over the mayor's objection to the city's veterans memorial. A gate meant to honor veterans in Port Angeles has become the center of controversy as the city’s mayor suggests getting rid of images displayed there because they depict soldiers holding guns. KVI's John Carlson interviews a local veteran's group president about the mayor's objections to the memorial. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- will WA tendency toward libertarian voting on taxes and racial issues continue today with two big issues, Kentucky crowd gives massive applause to Trump describing death of ISIS leader(s) as "one way ticket to hell", a KVI listener is convinced labor unions will sway the votes on I-1000 and I-976. writer says too many politicians are conflating CA wildfires with climate change, several scientists point out that the fires continue because of fuels like bushes/branches that could be thinned to reduce combustability, presidential candidate aide stole volunteer list from 2020 competitor, GUEST: president of the Clallam Co. Veterans Association, Gary Velie, per Pt. Angeles mayor, Sissi Bruch suggestion that metal silhouettes of soldiers holding rifles should be removed from city's Veterans Memorial Park, the current mayor hasn't divulged how many people have urged her to have the soldier silhouettes removed from the memorial.

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