CarlsonCast Nov6--8am hour

$30 car tabs leads PIXLR.jpg
Washington voters are demanding $30 car tabs after several years of frustration stemming from the controversy with how Sound Transit calculates the tax's value. KVI's John Carlson gives his assessment of why $30 car tabs is so popular with voters.{ }

8am hour -- WA voters want $30 car tabs, how the Olympia Legislative Democrats and Gov. Inslee completely botched the car tabs issue, big political spending doesn't guarantee election victories, what you can tell a progressive/Democrats/socialist when they complain about Seattle area's affordable housing problems, Inslee holding affordable housing money hostage over $30 car tabs vote.

GUEST: Voice of the Huskies, Tony Castricone, the UW Husky footballers play a Friday night game against the Oregon State Beavers, some mixed results in the Seattle City Council elections (one Sawant clone losing big, a former interim police chief is barely winning), brazen armed robber steals woman's purse in Seattle neighborhood, fires gun shots when Good Samaritan tries to intervene and then leads police on high speed car chase through new downtown tunnel before evading cops in SoDo,

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