CarlsonCast Nov7--8am hour

An armed Good Samaritan helps nab a repeat criminal destroying cars on the side of I-5 in Everett, WA.{ } State Patrol troopers arrested 41-year-old Jeremy Yates of Marysville for throwing rocks, concrete and even a trailer hitch at cars passing by on I-5. Luckily nobody crashed or was hospitalized. Investigators say he damaged as many as 10 cars last Saturday in broad daylight on southbound I-5 by Pacific Avenue . (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- repeat criminal offender with mental health issues stopped at gun point by a Good Samaritan in Everett after throwing rocks, concrete chunks and a trailer hitch at cars, if there was a "Brexit" for Sound Transit it would be Pierce County, DNC chair calls Republican Party too extreme, the "Dilbert" cartoon creator Scott Adams is back with a new book called "Loser Think" that mixes our current political situation with self-help ideas, south Puget Sound voters sound off on why they voted for $30 car tabs.

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