CarlsonCast Nov8--7am hour

$30 car tabs sponsor, Tim Eyman, was confronted by a transit activist at Seattle City Hall when he tried to attend a press conference yesterday held by the city mayor calling for a lawsuit to block the passage of I-976 which voters are currently approving with a 55% yes vote. KVI's John Carlson airs some audio recordings of the transit activist who bullied Eyman in a hallway before the press conference. (file photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- KVI's Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson invite you to join them at tomorrow's Veteran's Day Parade in Auburn WA, Seattle transportation activist bullies Tim Eyman at Seattle City Hall press conference over I-976, doing the math on how Seattle's Kshama Sawant might be able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, Mexican police officer who arrested notorious drug cartel leader's son killed in attack with 155 rounds fired,

GUEST: economist Steve Moore reacts to the comments from Bill Gates skeptical of the Elizabeth Warren "wealth tax" plan, investigative TV reporter Sharyl Attkisson talks about these revelations this week at ABC News spiking a story 3 years ago on pedophile sex ring suspect, Jeffrey Epstein.

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