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LOS ANGELES (AP) — The filmmakers and studio behind “Joker” have reason to put on a happy face. Despite concerns over its violent themes and ramped up theater security, audiences flocked to theaters to watch it, resulting in a record October opening.

Warner Bros. said Sunday that “Joker” grossed an estimated $93.5 million in ticket sales. Internationally, “Joker” earned $140.5 million from 73 markets, resulting in a stunning $234 million global debut. (photo: AP)

8am hour -- disappointing UW football game, the new Ukraine whistle blower plot-twist has shades of the Brett Kavanaugh playbook against Trump, a rebuttal to Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, conservative writer Mollie Hemingway assesses the news media omissions in reporting on the Trump/whistle blower complaint, a first-person (and spoiler-alert free) account of the now record breaking movie "Joker" and why Democrats are upset about it, Seattle coffee shop apologizes after telling employees not to give day old pastries to be thrown out or givenaway to homeless because it might enable homelessness.

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