CarlsonCast Oct2--6am hour

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SEATTLE – Two King County council members sent a letter to Paramount executives demanding they cancel Al Franken’s appearance in Seattle. According to multiple media reports on Monday, Franken faces a new groping accusation from a former staff member for Senator Patty Murray. “We believe that the show should not go on,” said King County council member Jeanne Kohl-Welles on Tuesday. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- new report casts doubt on red meat as unhealthy and then there's the vegan who is suing after a restaurant served her something with sausage instead of tofu, disgraced and resigned former US Senator Al Franken is coming to Seattle but two King Co. Council members want his show cancelled, Franken's facing a new sexual harassment accusation dating back to 2006, starting today Florida teachers are allowed to carry guns on campus to discourage school shootings, $30 car tabs vote is now 33 days away, is the car tabs measure I-976 a referendum on Sound Transit as a worthwhile investment to reduce traffic congestion?, the user costs of mass transit vs. freeways.

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