CarlsonCast Oct24--6am hour

Federal Way Police report that a teen girl was allegedly raped by illegal alien homeless man that the girl's family invited in to their home to help the man 'get back on his feet'. KVI's John Carlson analyzes the story and the bad judgement involved on a variety of public safety levels that culminated in this unspeakable sexual attack.{ }

6am hour -- Federal Way teen allegedly raped by homeless man the family took in to be good Samaritans, to compound the rape allegation the homeless man is wanted in Colorado on drug charges, the alleged attack happened just two days after the family allowed the man into their home, major drug bust in SeaTac rakes in heroin, meth, guns and cash with 17 suspects arrested.

New Pew Research study says a fraction of Twitter users are responsible for almost all of the tweets/comments related to US national politics (and almost all of those users/comments are negative to Trump), raw cold political calculus by the Olympia City Council on their audacious 'vote no' on I-976 mailer.

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