CarlsonCast Oct25--7am hour

Former US Ambassador to the UN (and So. Carolina governor), Nikki Haley (left), speaks to KVI host John Carlson (right) at the 2019 Washington Policy Center Dinner in Bellevue on October 11th. You can hear the audio of Nikki Haley's Q&A with John Carlson exclusively on this hour of the CarlsonCast.{ } (photo: Washington Policy Center)

7am hour --KVI Exclusive: John Carlson's interview with former US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley; Haley talks about being a daughter of immigrant parents, how the US should respond to China's crackdown on freedom protesters in Hong Kong and how to create more good paying jobs in the US.

In the Twitter :20 a WA middle school student is arrested and released after a teacher discovers a "kill list" at school, the parent of one student named on the "kill list" isn't taking any chances with the safety of his two daughters, shopper outrage over the local grocery store chain's decision to charge for cash back on transactions.

Where are the Seattle environmentalist to protest the damage done by illegally dumped sewage from homeless RVs along Seattle's shorelines and water ways?, legal insight about the future fate of proposed heroin injection sites in or around Seattle from the US Attorney for Western Washington.

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