CarlsonCast Oct28--8am hour

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HBO host of Real Time, Bill Maher, warns Democrats about nominating a 2020 Presidential candidate with views that are too progressive (and socialist){ } because it will fulfill a comment Pres. Trump has repeatedly been making about Democrats being too extreme.{ } (file photo: AP)

8am hour -- US special forces kill vaunted ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, look at the terror attacks the were inspired by Al-Baghdadi from California to Europe and Egypt, HBO host Bill Maher warns Democrats about getting too extreme with their 2020 Presidential nominee (because it will only end up helping Trump). Snohomish Co. and Lake Stevens WA firefighters are leaving today to go help fight Southern CA wildfires,

the downfall of now disgraced and resigned CA Democratic Congresswoman after her bi-sexual relationships crumbled, Seattle Police chief complains about an arrested suspect being released by Seattle officials only to be rearrested several hours later for a similar crime, why the SPD chief needs to flex her credibility on this repeat criminal problem.

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