CarlsonCast Oct29--6am hour

KVI's John Carlson interviews strategic and foreign affairs analyst about the US raid that killed ISIS (ISIL) leader Bakr al-Baghdadi in northwestern Syria near the Turkish border. In this Associated Press picture, people look at{ } destroyed houses near the village of Barisha, in Idlib province, Syria, Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019, after an operation by the U.S. military which targeted{ } Bakr al-Baghdadi, the shadowy leader of the Islamic State group. President Donald Trump says al-Baghdadi is dead after a U.S. military operation in Syria targeted the Islamic State group leader. (AP Photo/Ghaith Alsayed)

6am hour -- Trump tangles with Chicago's police chief as international group of police chiefs gather in Chicago, Republican Senator assess the post-Baghdadi/ISIS landscape in Syria, turns out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi fired disgraced CA Congresswoman for her bizarre sexual/cannabis life rather than allowing Katie Hill to resign.

GUEST: strategic affairs analyst Ralph Peters assess the take down of ISIS (ISIL) leader Bakr-al-Baghdadi, why killing al-Baghdadi is as significant as killing bin Laden, what this means for the future of extremist Islamic terrorism in the Middle East and African nations, the WaPo editorial fiasco on al-Baghdadi's obit.

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