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heroin vancBC safe injection site00531464.jpg
Supervised heroin injection sites were ruled legally allowable by a Federal judge in Philadelphia, which could pave the way for Seattle King County Health Department opening up such a heroin facility in Seattle or a surrounding neighborhood, although an appeal of the ruling yesterday is a possibility by the US Attorney who filed suit to stop the injection site.{ }File photo of the Vancouver BC, Canada supervised heroin injection site. Photo credit CBC News.

6am hour -- a ruling on heroin injection sites in Philadelphia goes against injection site opponents, a UW professor is demanding protection for academic freedom, Al Franken's Seattle performance will not be canceled despite call for boycott by two Seattle politicians, the unexpected moment when a murder victim's brother asks judge to let him hug the convicted killer, Trump whistle blower went to House Democrat Adam Schiff before going to the IG, Speaker Pelosi olive branch regarding trade deal USMCA.

GUEST: "The Hidden Places of WWII" Jerome O'Conner writes that one of those hidden places is in central Washington, the Philadelphia legal ruling that could lead to the opening of a Seattle supervised heroin injection site, KVI's Lars Larson will be on Fox News today with Harris Faulkner.

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