CarlsonCast Oct30--6am hour

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KVI's John Carlson digs into a pair of 2019 local ballot issues. One involves a candidate in Snohomish County with a criminal past. The other involves a voter's guide masquerading as a campaign endorsement for I-1000. (photo: wikicommons)

6am hour --mythbusting to start the show, a local election race in Snohomish Co. is catching Carlson's attention for all the wrong reasons, join KVI's talk show hosts and KOMO News anchors at the first annual KVI Thanksgiving Brunch on Nov. 16th in Bothell.

GUEST: ABC's Jason Nathanson reports on the CA wildfires in north LA area hit with hardest winds in more than a decade, could be 80+mph gusts, LeBeron redeeming himself after siding with China (and his shoe sales) over the Hong Kong freedom protesters, the League of Women Voters publishes a voter's guide masquerading as a soft-sell campaign piece on I-1000, a UW grad student confides she's suffering from "eco-anxiety", some helpful advice for the UW grad student involving climate change and the Obama family.

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