CarlsonCast Oct31--7am hour

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An unidentified climate activist protests in Miami, FL in July 2019. KVI's John Carlson interviews a UW grad student about her concerns that climate change could bring global instability in water and food sources creating massive societal upheaval in the coming years. ( AP file photo:{ } Wilfredo Lee)

7am hour -- GUEST: UW grad student, Anna Humphries, talks about her grave concerns for human instability from climate impacts like lack of water, the potential for human conflict due to food/water interruption impacted by climate change, is there anything to ally her future fears about humanity and the climate?

Bad news for Bernie Sanders from a fellow US Senator,

Barack Obama and John Carlson actually agree on something important, several vocal left-wing and right-wing pundits/celebs are applauding Obama's new comments, a KVI caller sounds off on the backlash to the "woke" culture from all sides.

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