CarlsonCast Oct31--8am hour

Lloyd taco trucks angered pro-immigration activists in suburban Buffalo NY when one of their trucks sold food to customers outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility. KVI's John Carlson examines the boycott call and how the taco truck owners decided to respond. (photo: ABC News)

8am hour --the unprecedented World Series won't soon be forgotten, Sen. Lindsey Graham dismantles House Democrats as "sore losers" for their impeachment inquiry vote scheduled for today, a KVI caller sounds off on last hour's guest regarding 'eco-anxiety', House Democrats approve impeachment inquiry rules in full House vote, Seattle Congresswoman's tweet about 'pathway to citizenship' elicits a perfect response from a conservative,

8:34am -- GUEST: voice of the UW Huskies, Tony Castricone, previews Saturday's 1:05 kick-off with the Utah Utes at Husky Stadium, an NBA rookie who played at UW is in very elite company after first week of the pro season, open borders activists try to shutdown a series of taco trucks after the taco trucks sold food to customers outside an ICE facility, the taco truck owners try to extricate themselves from the ICE controversy created by social justice warriors, did you ever notice how the movie themes "Exorcist" and "Halloween" are almost identical?

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