CarlsonCast Oct7--6am hour

KVI's John Carlson and Lars Larson examine the pros and cons to Pres. Trump's just announced decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria which include placating Turkey and abandoning long-time regional allies the Kurds who inhabit northern Iraq along the Turkish border. (photo: ABC News/AP)

6am hour -- Stanford stuns UW Huskies in football, surprise announcement that US forces are pulling back from Northern Syria, Seattle Times prints op-ed co-authored by John Carlson regarding Ref. 88 (I-1000) vote coming up on general ballot in November, here's the opposing view advocating for Affirmative Action and race-based preferences, conservative writer Mollie Hemingway addresses the two weekend news angles regarding Trump/Ukraine phone call inquiry, former Trump Ambassador to UN criticizes his decision on US withdraw from norther Syria.

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