CarlsonCast Oct8--6am hour

In this image provided by Hawar News Agency, ANHA, U.S. military vehicles travel down a main road in northeast Syria, Monday, Oct. 7, 2019. U.S.-backed Kurdish-led forces in Syria said American troops began withdrawing Monday from their positions along Turkey's border in northeastern Syria, ahead of an anticipated Turkish invasion that the Kurds say will overturn five years of achievements in the battle against the Islamic State group. (ANHA via AP)

6am hour -- more consternation about Trump decision to withdraw US forces from northern Syria and possibly abandoning allies like the Kurdish people in that area near northern Iraq, if Democras are truly interested in transparency they could do one thing related to Trump whistle blower(s), more compare and contrast for the Syria/Turkey decision, satire comedy legends South Park blister the NBA/China controversy over Hong Kong + Ted Cruz comment South Park's tweet.

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