CarlsonCast Oct.8--7am hour

Seattle grocery store in the city's International District, Uwajimaya, continues to combat shoplifting problems and a new report from KOMO News shows why only a tiny percentage of hundreds of shopping cases actually lead to any sort of punishment for the offender. (photo: Uwajimaya)

7am hour -- new data shows why shoplifting is basically legal in Seattle now, the problem is directly connected to Seattle city attorney Pete Holmes, with stores facing so much loss over shoplifting they raise the prices for law abiding customers to defray the cost, mega-popular video game Fortnite being sued for being purposefully addictive, why the I-1000 campaign will have to be deceptive in order to confuse voters, a KVI scoop on the I-1000 campaign, SW Airline pilots sue Boeing over 737 Max complaints.

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