CarlsonCast Oct9--8am hour

impeachment continuing coverage PIXLR.jpg
KVI's John Carlson analyzes two new stories that impact what might happen with any impeachment proceeding against Pres. Donald Trump. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- US Attorney digging into source of Comey/Mueller investigation gives a progress report, Trump's new attorney eviscerates House Democrats over failure of fundamental due process rights in impeachment inquiry/politics, a green energy company started in Seattle is moving out of state because of the continuing crime problems plaguing their business, a repeat Seattle criminal that was once arrested after two crimes was released and is now suspected of 21 burglaries in just a few weeks, a KVI caller phones in to report about the northern California power outtages orchestrated by the big power utility there (PG&E), an important distinction regarding bitter liberals and conservatives in the aftermath of the Ellen DeGeneres/GW Bush football game story.

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