CarlsonCast Sept10--8am hour

Fox News show host, Laura Ingraham, is coming to Bellevue WA for a speech and left-wing/socialist groups who oppose Pres. Trump are attempting to boycott the hotel where her event is scheduled. (photo: Twitter)

8am hour -- no official designation but Saturday's lightning storm was one for the ages, the confounding new report saying a WA Democrat's wild claims about racism and sexism among fellow Democrats is un-founded, so if this new report is true that means the Auburn state rep is a liar.

Calling a group of mixed gender people 'guys' is now sexist,

Elizabeth Warren doubles down on Medicare for All promise(s), Seattle anti-Trump group's boycott (aka harassment) call against a speaking guest at a Bellevue hotel, how the media conjecture about economic recession is baseless right now, the bogus excuse Kamala Harris gave after a man at her recent campaign rally said something to intentionally denigrate Trump.

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