CarlsonCast Sept11--7am hour

car tabs ST3 MVET notification KOMO.jpg
KVI's John Carlson reviews the Supreme Court of Washington oral arguments hearing involving a lawsuit against Sound Transit over how clearly they calculated car tab taxes to pay for the voter approved $54 billion Sound Transit 3 phase. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- September 11th memories; legal drama involving Sound Transit and admission that caught WA A.G. unprepared, new data says illegal border crossings down 57% in the last 3 months, an illegal immigration supporter boos a woman who's son was killed by an illegal alien who was a repeat drunk driver, Sept. 11 ceremony today in Edmonds involves former NY firefighter, the new bizarre twist for the NFL's most bizarre player, Sound Transit latest, GUEST: WPC's Mariya Frost sorts out the legal drama involving Sound Transit and WA A.G. Bob Ferguson at State Supreme Court hearing, Tacoma ICE facility opens up for news reporters to see inside and dispel activists rhetoric

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