CarlsonCast Sept11--8am hour


SEATTLE -- $1 million should be set aside for a pilot program for one-way bus tickets out of Seattle for the homeless who want one, according to King County Council Vice-Chairman Reagan Dunn.

“Seattle has become a dead-end street for the nation's homeless, we see that, 45% are here for four years or less,” says Dunn, citing this year’s One Night Count of the county’s homeless.

8am hour--Homeless reunification plan: bus tickets out of Seattle area to get them back with family and off the streets, GUEST: King Co. Councilman, Reagan Dunn, talks about his $1 million proposal to reduce Seattle/King County homelessness, nearly half of Seattle's homeless have been here 4 years or less, the Burien (WA) effect on homelessness, Jay Inslee's major omission regarding climate change and the economy,

Tacoma ICE facility opens up for news reporters to see inside and dispel activists rhetoric, two Republicans prevail in North Carolina special congressional election, what yesterday's double victory means for Democrats and Republicans pushing toward 2020.

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