CarlsonCast Sept16--8am hour

Kavanaugh 2nd oath Dr. Ford hearing AP19.jpg
Supreme Court associate justice, Brett Kavanaugh (pictured here in a 2018 file photo during his confirmation hearing) is the subject of a new accusation in a forthcoming book. The allegation is already facing some critical accuracy issues, which KVI's John Carlson explains during this hour of the show. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool)

8am hour--the New York Times sad and pathetic handling of a smear attempt against newest US Supreme Court justice, two Democratic presidential candidates are using this new book to demand impeachment of the justice, why the new UAW (46,000 workers) strike against GM is a good sign for Pres. Trump, Seattle is an emotional wasteland says Seattle Times op-ed about the Seattle freeze concept, a Coloradan's perspective on the judgmental Seattleites, when did Seattle undergo this shift to the "freeze" concept...(KVI callers sound off about it)?

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