CarlsonCast Sept17--7am hour

Indian motorcycle mysteryPIXLR.jpg
Who gave this mystery gift to KVI's Indian Motorcycle riding morning host, John Carlson? Listen to this hour of the show to find out the answer. (Photo: KVI Staff)

7am hour -- turns out a suspected murderer in Seattle is well known to Bellevue police (and only 20 yrs old), a mysterious gift arrives on John Carlson's desk over night, a 2020 Presidential candidate is coming to the defense of a fired SNL cast member over ethnically/sexually oriented derogatory sarcastic comments in a podcast,

an answer to the mysterious and nifty gift that Carlson discovered at his desk this morning, a Colorado transplant in Seattle writes bluntly about the "Seattle Freeze" she's repeatedly experienced, she calls Seattle an emotional "tundra" regarding the freeze despite the city usually reveling in being a progressive strong-hold.

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