CarlsonCast Sept.19--6am hour

Tomorrow, Friday Sept. 20th, 2019, school students and climate activists around the world--and including Seattle--will wildcat strike by walking out of class for a protest march. Pictured here is a climate strike sign from Portland OR on March 15, 2019, during a national school walkout to lobby for climate change. (Photo: Portland Oregonian's Mark Graves)

6am hour -- Bellevue Police finally fully staffed; why Bellevue can accomplish what Seattle cannot, Canadian Prime minister busted for PC violations dating back to high school years,

a Shoreline WA native is entering journalism with a conservative news website, tomorrow's vaunted student climate strike and walk-out from the classroom shows how the political climate warriors are in a real bind, look at Seattle's most elite private school as an example, Bellevue Schools falsely tell teachers that they're required to pay union dues

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