CarlsonCast Sept19--7am hour

Betsy DeVos podium.jpg
{ }U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. 2016 AP file photo.{ }

7am hour -- belief in UFOs crops up again with the US Navy confirming three leaked videos that seem to defy explanation, CNN's questionable portrayal of a Catholic school visit by the US Education Secrteary shows the anti-Trump bias, how this CNN portrayal reinforces America's cultural/political divide, media dishonesty, sad news story of a WA woman victimized by scammers makes us think of a classic country song, Elton John wraps two big concerts at Tacoma Dome, Navy confirms UAP videos are authentic, three videos of pilots capturing video (ATFLIR), Seattle restaurant owner eviscerates city council for being anti-business and as a result she's moving her small business out of Seattle when her lease is up in early 2020.

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