CarlsonCast Sept20--6am hour

Gun manufacturer Colt says it will stop producing the AR-15, among other rifles, for the consumer market in the wake of many recent mass shootings in which suspects used the weapon.{ }"At the end of the day, we believe it is good sense to follow consumer demand and to adjust as market dynamics change," Dennis Veilleux, president and CEO of Colt, said in a statement. "Colt has been a stout supporter of the Second Amendment for over 180 years, remains so, and will continue to provide its customers with the finest quality firearms in the world." (photo: ABC News)

6am hour -- Broken news: Carlson vows to walk off the show today to participate in the climate strike protests, how one young conservative is being ignored in the climate debate, Trump skewers NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio after dropping out of 2020 Presidential race, what's up with this new movie 'Ad Astra'?, Colt gun maker will stop making the AR-15, the CEO says there's a glut of modern sporting rifles so they'll halt production, interesting factoid that stats show Beto O'Rourke's rhetoric is responsible for more gun sales than Trump's rhetoric.

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