CarlsonCast Sept20--7am hour

Climate strikers in Sydney, Australia on Friday Sept. 20, 2019. KVI's John Carlson says he wants to strike for the climate, too. (photo: AP)

7am hour -- John Carlson strikes for the climate and walks off the job, in John's absence we listen to some of the LIVE stream of the actual London climate strike event, the musicians after the political speaker are pretty hilarious, along with the #ClimateStrike the #Area51Raid is also trending,

a Longview WA school student calls 911 from a school bus to report a drunk driver who was DRIVING THE SCHOOL BUS!, GUEST: economist, Steve Moore, hits on some positive economic news regarding housing permits and housing sales, GUEST: investigative journalist, Sharyl Attkisson, previews her Full Measure report on Brexit and what it might take to push the British divorce from the European Union over the finish line.

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