CarlsonCast Sept20--8am hour

Seattle students and adults who ditched school or work for today's Climate Strike are gathering in this picture at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill{ } Sept. 20, 2019. (photo: KOMO News)

8:05am -- GUEST: WPC's Todd Myers per the climate strike walk out, what happens when you ask climate warriors to put their money where their mouth is and reduce their own carbon footprint, aspiring arsonists are attending today's #ClimateStrike protests...

should climate strikers today denounce the implied violence in the signs depicted above?, GUEST: KOMO Sports anchor, host of Thursday Night Dawg House, a loooong time UW football sideline reporter and our UW Man On Campus, Bill Swartz, talks about the now tougher than expected road game the Huskies have at BYU tomorrow; the KVI crew makes football predictions for the Huskies, Cougs and Seahawks.

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