CarlsonCast Sept25--6am hour

U.S. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), announcing her support for an impeachment inquiry into Pres. Donald J. Trump. KVI's John Carlson says if you pursue impeachment you need to have a crime and so far that hasn't been elucidated yet from Trump's political opponents. (photo: AP)

6am hour -- It's official: Speaker Pelosi authorizes impeachment inquiry, Pelosi's decision sounds a lot like the famous "double secret probation" line in Animal House, Trump says he plans to release un-redacted phone call with Ukrainian president, Rep. Rick Larsen's basis for impeachment could be applied to Democrats who favor sanctuary laws and illegal immigration into America, can any impeachment supporters cite a statute that was broken by Trump?, how Pelosi caved to the pressure from within the Democratic Party ,

Washington AG loses court ruling on minimum wage payment for illegal aliens awaiting deportation in Tacoma, in 1998 US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi said pursuing impeachment revolved around the hatred of the President, Felix Hernandez making what will be his final start for the Mariners before his likely election to the baseball Hall of Fame (correction: game for Hernandez and tribute will be tomorrow, not tonight) .

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