CarlsonCast Sept27--7am hour

impeachment continuing coverage PIXLR.jpg
impeachment continuing coverage PIXLR.jpg

7am hour -- KVI's Lars Larson and how Democrats in 2016 were pressuring Ukraine to help dig up dirt on Paul Manafort and Trump campaign, security concerns are already cropping up over new Batman/DC Comic derived movie "The Joker", creator of the Labradoodle dog breed regrets his fateful decision and says he's created a Frankenstein monster of unethical breeding, GUEST: economist Steve Moore what the Congressional impeachment inquiry may mean for the financial markets and economy, how that impact could play into the presidential campaign, Steve Moore speaking at Oct. 25th King County Republican event in Bellevue., fans bid adios to tearful M's pitcher Felix Hernandez, GUEST: Full Measure host, investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkisson border security issues and Morocco gateway to Europe, news you're missing?

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