CarlsonCast Sept27--8am hour

This farcical sign in the lower right corner of this ESPN Game Day telecast on Sat. Sept 21, 2019 embodies the social media and "cancel culture" craze that has become common place in 21st century American society. KVI's John Carlson digs into the story about how the sign led to over $1 million in charitable donations but then boomeranged into a forgotten tweet from a 16-year old. (photo: ESPN screen grab)

8am hour -- new e-mail campaign is targeting voters in WA Congresswoman Kim Schrier's district (WA 8th) and its all connected to the impeachment inquiry, a conservative political columnist is compiling the dossier against Democrats regarding efforts to influence Ukraine officials to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign in 2016, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal tweets two notable reactions to her dispute with the former acting ICE director,

does 'cancel culture' craze go too far when it halts donations to a children's hospital following someone's inappropriate tweet from when they were 16 yrs old?, GUEST: KOMO's Bill Swartz previews the USC and UW football game tomorrow, ICYMI: the tense confrontation between Seattle Congresswoman Jayapal and the former acting ICE director over illegal immigration and detainees,

the KVI staff's Football Friday predictions.

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