CarlsonCast Sept3--6am hour

Satellite image of Hurricane Dorian, which ABC News reporter, Pete Combs, tells KVI's John Carlson is "the most confounding storm in 20 years." (photo:{ } WPEC TV)

6am hour -- the lightning strike at Producer Mark's house last Thursday, Seahawks are the top football story of the weekend with their stunning trade, jaw dropping report about deaths and injuries involving bike riders hurting even killing pedestrians in collisions, GUEST ABC's Pete Combs (former KOMO reporter) calls Hurricane Dorian "the most confounding storm in the last 20 years",

the social media wishes that "Dorian" slams into Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort last week, Lars Larson notes all the red flags in Odessa TX mass murderer's background and how deferred prosecution may have allowed him to buy a weapon.

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