CarlsonCast Sept3--7am hour

Kameron Brown, a 30-year-old Army veteran was one of seven victims of the Odessa TX mass shooting, Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019. In this photo, he is pictured with his mother, Mary Brown. (Photo provided by Mary Brown via KTXS)

7am hour -- how Hurricane Dorian's size compares to other massive hurricanes like Sandy and Harvey, the Odessa TX mass murderer has comparisons to the Parkland FL high school mass murderer from 2018, a Bahamas Twitter handle to follow for useful hurricane updates, Joe Biden goes off prompter (in video below) about Odessa shooting and Hurricane Dorian,

Seahawks rob the Houston Texas in a major trade, a 911 operator mocks a woman trapped in flash flood waters during an emergency call, a music lyric oddity involving September 3rd.

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