CarlsonCast Sept3--8am hour

KOMO News file photo of a campaign sign for the Graham WA fire district levy to hire 20 new firefighters in the rapidly growing area of Pierce County.{ }

8am hour -- Graham WA fire department adds 20 new firefighters after voters agree to tax themselves more, 7 cases of illegal aliens charged/accused of rape and sexual assault in Maryland. Beto O'Rourke admits he initially knows nothing about Odessa mass murder shooting but demands gun control anyway,

AOC begging for bail money for suspected Anti-Fa arrested for assaulting police in Boston, Odessa TX mass murderer drives 10 miles shooting and killing, suspect killed by police had numerous warning signs in hindsight, how background checks could have impacted the Odessa TX case, Joe Biden delivers the worst Jay Inslee impersonation Carlson's ever heard.

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